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When an individual dies and leaves behind a will, it's often required that the will passes through a legal process known as "probate." If you are involved in a probate case, you need the advice of a qualified attorney who has experience dealing with probated estates.

About Probate in California

Probate is a legal process designed to review and validate a deceased person's will, settle the decedent's debts and transfer his or her property to the individuals named in the decedent's will. If the decedent died without a will (intestate), the property left behind will transfer to the person's heirs as determined by state law. Whether the decedent left a will or died intestate, probate can be complicated, expensive and lengthy.

Several people will be involved in the probate process, including close relatives, friends and any other person named in the will. The entire probate process will also be overseen and managed by the will's executor, which may be a friend or relative of the deceased or another party appointed by the court. Regardless of how you are involved in the case, seeking the advice of an experienced probate attorney is highly recommended, as the stakes are often high.

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If you are involved in a probate case in California, Attorney Nissan Thomas can help. Whether you are the executor of the will or another party with interests in the estate, Nissan Thomas can review the decedent's will and explain the specifics of the case to you in terms that you can easily understand. He can also help you decide what actions you should take to protect your interests, if any. To learn more about the services Nissan Thomas provides for clients involved in probate or to schedule a consultation, please call the Law Offices of Nissan Thomas, Esq. today. Please note that, although many consultations are free, some may incur a fee. We look forward to working with you soon!