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Los Angeles is a hot spot for many aspiring artists, actors and producers. Unfortunately, many of them don't have the resources or knowledge to resolve their legal issues. If you're trying to make it big, hire the Law Offices Of Nissan Thomas, Esq. to protect your rights. As your entertainment attorney in Los Angeles, California, you can trust me to handle any legal problems you encounter.

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How can I help you achieve your dreams?

How can I help you achieve your dreams?

I went to law school with the goal of defending those who couldn't defend themselves. I understand how difficult it is to break into stardom. You can trust me to provide you with first-rate entertainment law assistance at affordable rates. I can:

  • Draft, negotiate and modify contracts
  • Oversee negotiation for merchandise distribution
  • Help you with any type of financial agreement
  • Create license agreements and appearance releases
  • Facilitate discussions to make sure your rights are protected

You'll be glad you made me your entertainment attorney. Visit my firm today to discuss your plans with me.

Entertainment Law

Nissan Thomas has a long history of success in the entertainment industry's legal arena, having worked in music licensing for CBS Television Studios. Today, he provides a wide range of legal services for musicians, composers, actors, producers, publishers, and numerous other creative professionals through the Law Offices of Nissan Thomas, Esq. His diverse background and in-depth knowledge allow him to address a broad range of legal concerns related to the entertainment industry. Whether you require assistance with contract negotiation or an industry dispute, you can count on Nissan Thomas for exceptional legal support.

Contract Drafting and Review

Much of Nissan Thomas' work as an entertainment lawyer involves contract drafting and review. He is willing to draft and analyze a variety of essential industry contracts, including acquisition of content, talent agreements, rental agreements, labor agreements, music publishing contracts, and more. His assistance through every phase of the contract process ensures full protection for the diverse range of clients he represents. This legal protection gives clients valuable peace of mind, thereby allowing them to focus on their creative endeavors, rather than worrying about the potential for legal issues.

Other Entertainment Services

In addition to assisting with the contract drafting process, Nissan Thomas aids entertainment professionals with a variety of other legal concerns. Many of his clients require assistance with intellectual property issues, as these can threaten to tear apart an otherwise thriving entertainment venture. Nissan Thomas helps clients address not only intellectual property matters, but also contract disputes. Whether these disputes occur during drafting or involve later breaches of contract, Nissan Thomas is a reliable advocate to have at your side.

If you require in-depth counsel or legal representation as you strive to resolve a dispute, you can benefit from the assistance of a talented entertainment lawyer such as Nissan Thomas. Through his years of work in the entertainment industry's legal atmosphere, Nissan Thomas has developed a keen understanding of the complexities surrounding entertainment law. Reach out to the Law Offices of Nissan Thomas, Esq. today for a consultation.